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Shooting Christmas lights
Entering Christkindlesmarkt
Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg
Christmas tree in Nuremberg
Christmas Lights
A beautiful second day of christmas
A beautiful first day of christmas
Merry Christmas
Alma Mater with tears in her eyes
St. Matthäus church
Markgraf Friedrich von Brandenburg-Bayreuth
Regnitz at Baiersdorf
Fog over river Regnitz
Island in river Regnitz
Regnitz and quarry pond at Baiersdorf
Leaving Baiersdorf
Maple leaves
Forest path in Meilwald
Meilwald from above
Kalchreuth from above
Fog over Burgberg
Langer Johann in the fog
Driving through Meilwald
Autumn walk
Broken Tree
Trubach valley
Burgberg and Erlangen from above
Regnitz, A73 and Burgberg in autumn
Hundshaupten in Autumn
Street to Hetzelsdorf
View over Hundshaupten's autumn forests
Mushrooms on a meadow
Fungi and spores
Mushroom gills
Mushroom on tree stump
Year's last sunflower
Meilwald from above
Tree nursery from above
Cross spider
Good morning Atzelsberg
From Rathsberg to Atzelsberg
Regnitz water wheel from above
Langer Johann in fog
Dew drops on spider web
Dew covered blowball
Morning dew
Frankenschnellweg at Erlangen Nord
Digestion tower
Have a save trip to the moon, Artemis 1
Water wheel after sunset
Tuscany skyline
Antenna RAI Monteluco
Azienda Agricola La Lama
Tuscan olive gardens
Cat in Siena
Vicolo di castelvecchio in Siena
Duomo de Siena
Palazzo Pubblico in Siena
Scarce swallowtail on lavender
Monte Amiata
Good morning river Teplá
View of Karlovy Vary from the forest
Fall in Karlovy Vary
Fog over Karlovy Vary No. 3
Fog over Karlovy Vary No. 2
Fog over Karlovy Vary No. 1
Fog in the Bohemian Forest
Above the roofs of Karlovy Vary
Stairs in Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary by Night
Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary
Elphi by Night
Blue Port Hamburg
Lion King Venue
Alex and Elphi
Port Ferry and Rickmer Rickmers
Shooting blue Rickmer Rickmers
U3 tracks during Blue Port Hamburg
Las Vegas at Miniaturmuseum
Copacabana at the Miniaturmuseum
Michel during Blue Port Hamburg
Elbphilharmonie after sunset
Internationales Maritimes Museum
Bridge at Elbphilharmonie
Full moon over Amrum
Wind mills on Föhr
Boat near the Halligen
Fish trawler near island Föhr
Cumulus clouds over neighbour island Föhr
Kniepsand Dunes
Mushrooms in the dunes
Rain shower over the North Sea
Lighthouse at sunset
Footprints in the sand
Amrum's heather
Lighthouse at sunrise
Lighthouse in morning sun
Good Morning Lighthouse
Red clouds over lighthouse
Half way gone
Amrum Sunset
Sea Shell Sunset
Sea Crab
Beach Chairs
Wash board beach
Low Tide after sunset
Sunset Walk
Seconds after sunset
After sunset slide
Low tide evening walk
Jetty at Steenodde
Beach Chairs at Sunset
Sunset in the Dunes
Horses at dinner
Wind mill silhouette
Bike in Amrum's dunes
Strandhäuschen Süddorf
After sunset in Nebel
Amrum Windmill at Night
Milky Way and Windmill
Milky Way over Amrum Windmill
Milky Way over Amrum lighthouse
Milky Way over the Dunes of Amrum
Milky Way over thatched house
Amrum lighthouse and campground
Abstract evening mood at the sea
Seabed at low tide after sunset
Evening twilight reflections at low tide
Evening walk in the calm North Sea
Seconds to sunset
Sun slice
Girls admiring the evening sun
Sunrise in the dunes
Viewing dune at sunrise
Lighthouse at sunrise
Evening arrival on Amrum island
Dried-up riverbed of the Rienz and Monte Cristallo
Toblacher See
Conifer at the three peaks
Schwabenalpenkopf, Paternkofel and Three Peaks
Three Peaks of Lavaredo
Schwabenalpenkopf and Dreizinnenhütte
Three Peaks of Lavaredo
Pond at Three Peaks of Lavaredo
Vista Panoramica Tre Cime Lavaredo
Tree trunk in Pragser Wildsee
Pragser Wildsee
Pragser Wildsee boat house
Pragser Wildsee reflections No. 2
Trail around Pragser Wildsee
Pragser Wildsee reflections
Good Morning Pragser Wildsee
Aerial view of Pragser Wildsee
Langkofel and Plattkofel reflections
Langkofel and Plattkofel
Seiser Alm panorama
Horses at Seiser Alm
Seiser Alm panorama
Seiser Alm flower meadow
Langkofel and Plattkofel
Langkofel and Plattkofel seem from Seceda-Alm
Flower meadow at Seceda-Alm
Langkofel evening
Steinerne Stadt
Langkofel in clouds
Chapel in Langental valley
Langental Monolith
Path through Langental valley
Alpini chapel at Grödner Joch
Driving down to Val Gardena
Grödner Joch after sunset
Grödner Joch Panorama
Hovering over Grödner Joch
Langkofel on fire
Langkofel sunset
Grödner Joch
Sellaronda glowing
Sellaronda in evening light
The border of Austria and Italy
Stone stack at Timmelsjoch
Timmelsbach No. 4
Timmelsbach No. 3
Timmelsbach No. 2
Timmelsbach No. 1
Alpine Forget-me-not at Timmelsbach
Timmelsbach and Ötztal street
Lennon Wall in Prague
Timmelsbach and Äußere Schwarze Schneid
House Entrance in Prague
Road down into the Ötz valley
Church of Mother of God before Týn
Charles Bridge before the storm
Prague - city of a 100 Spires
Neuweiher Langensendelbach
St. Nicholas Church and Charles Bridge
Old Town Bridge Tower in Prague
Barn at Marloffstein
Schlossgartenfest 2022
Before sunset over Marloffstein
Sunset at Marloffstein
Corn poppies
Waterwheel at Möhrendorf
Partly cloudy
Tree ensemble in Uttenreuth
Baiersdorfer Mühle from above
Clouds in the trees of Mittelehrenbach
Fruit trees at Mittelehrenbach
Mittelehrenbach after the rain shower
Where the Regnitz flows around the bend
The brown cow of the family
Gigantic broccoli
Curved lines along the river Regnitz
Parallel shift
Over the fields
Regnitz waterwheel in Bruck
Golden Gulden Brez'n
Europarad at sunset
Europarad on Bergkirchweih
Bergkirchweih 2022
Klausstein seen from Ludwigshöhle
Self-portrait at Ludwigshöhle
Burg Rabenstein No. 3
Burg Rabenstein No. 2
Burg Rabenstein No. 1
Tree at river Wiesent
Sea of dandelions
Fly on a rape blossom
Gefüllter Hahnenfuß
Brown carpet beetle sit-in
Brown carpet beetle
Vegan Mosquito
Fly on dandelion
Bug on a dandelion
Pollen covered mosquito
Pollen covered bee on dandelion
Bee on dandelion
Bee butt covered with pollen
Bug on a dandelion
Dandelion Fireworks
Brown bug on a dandelion
Flowering dandelion
Nut weevil
Blue mint beetle 4
Blue mint beetle 3
Blue mint beetle 2
Blue mint beetle 1
Birch seed and lice
Spring snowflake with water drops
Spring snowflake
White island
Cuckoo flower
Cuckoo flower
Cherry Blossom
Cherry trees
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom
Blue wood anemone
Blue wood anemone
White and blue wood anemones
White and yellow wood anemones
Crocus season's end
Purple crocuses
Yellow crocuses
Grape hyacinth
Wet Wood anemone
Wet Wood anemones
Wood anemone
Forsythia blossom covered with snow
Blood plum blossom
Bee on a blood plum blossom
Blood plum blossom
Cherry blossom
Daffodil crushed by masses of snow
Gulden Bretzel in April
Cherry blossom in a coat of snow
Snowy cherry bud
Snow covered cherry blossom
Nightwalk through Skulpturengarten
Low pressure area "Jana" brings new snow
Walking the horses
Sunset at Kalchreuth
Broken Birch
Pond at Exerzierplatz
Stormy "Ylenia"
Winter sunrise at Exerzierplatz
Daffodils at night
Bee exiting crocus
Yellow crocus
Bee in a crocus
Crocus chrysanthus
Field of crocuses
White and white-purple crocus
Crocus vernus Pickwick
In the spotlight
Zweiblättriger Blaustern 2
Zweiblättriger Blaustern 1
2022's first bee encounter
Purple Crocus
Signs of life
Number #1 of 2022
Blue & Yellow
"Der Rufer" at daylight
Visions in Motion in Berlin
Messages of peace to the world
Brandenburger Tor
Visions in Motion in Berlin
Brandenburger Tor
"Der Rufer" at night
Visions in Motion
Stop the war
Ich gehe durch die Welt und rufe Friede Friede Friede
Sunflower winter sale
Erlangen Waterworks in the morning sun
Foggy morning at River Regnitz
White Heron
Winter tree reflections
Sunrise Reflections
Little pond at "Exerzierplatz"
Frozen lake before sunset 2
Frozen lake before sunset 1
Winter sunset
Winter tree silhouette
Staring at the winter sun
Frozen lake before sunset
Teasel silhouettes
Ensemble of trees before sunset
Foggy commute
After sunset at river Regnitz
Winter evening silhouette at river Regnitz
Baiersdorfermühle silhouette
Baiersdorfermühle after sunset
Mirror-smooth reflections
Storks wintering at home
Tree silhouette against winter sky
Reflections in partly frozen lake
Snow covered booth at the market place
Kunst Palais by night 2
Kunst Palais by night 1
Paulibrunnen by night 2
Paulibrunnen by night 1
In the meadows after sunset
Silhouettes of trees against a sky in flames
Icy tractor tracks
To Uttenreuth after sunset
Nuremberg radio tower in the distance
Winter evening sky
Wintery orchard meadow
Trellis fruit corridor
Snow covered fruit tree
Icy path
Winter evening in Spardorf
Frozen blades of grass
Frozen meadow with barn
Frozen meadow after sunrise
Path to the barn
Fog over river Regnitz
Frozen tree at river Regnitz
St. Peter und Paul
Reflection of St. Peter und Paul
Trail along river Regnitz
Tree portal on the Regnitz
Tree branch on the bank of the Regnitz
White frost at the bank of the Regnitz river
Frosty summer morning in Bruck
Lonely birch tree on a misty morning
River Meadow Autumn Morning