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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Frozen Baiersdorfer Baggersee

Postcard from Franconia No. 643

Frozen Baiersdorfer Baggersee

This image belongs to my project "Small Beings – Big Responsibility"

Find detailed information about this species Frozen Baiersdorfer Baggersee and many interesting stories and facts on


Feel the pulse of arthropod life: Captivating visuals, emotional narratives, and insights that foster a commitment to safeguarding biological diversity. Let’s enter the fascinating realm of small beings, a world that, in its sheer simplicity, holds enormous significance. Our mission? To raise awareness of biodiversity and the vast value of life. We take you into a microcosm that is often overlooked but plays a central role in the ecosystem.

Exposure Details

exposure time: 1/500s ~ aperture: f1.7 ~ focal length: 7mm ~ ISO 130
camera: DJI Mini 3 Pro ~ lens: 6.7 Mm F/1.7
categories: Baiersdorf ~ aerial photography ~ drone ~ frozen ~ lake ~ reflection ~ winter
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publish month: March 2023 ~ publish year: 2023
shot on: Thursday, February 9, 2023

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Frozen Baiersdorfer Baggersee
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