Photos by Months

Term "2023-04"

Pollen covered bee on crocus
Purple crocuses close up
Purple crocuses in the sun
Lonesome tree
Tree on a field
Fruit trees in winter
Over the fields of Marloffstein
Plowed field
Fruit tree silhouette
After sunset reflections
After sunset at the lake
Kleiner Bischofsweiher sunset
Kleiner Bischofsweiher from above
Swan on a washboard
Freshwater mussel
Flight into the setting sun
Flight path
Winter evening at the lake
Creek in Uttenreuth
Between Adlitz and Atzelsberg
Above Schwanenweiher
Schwanenweiher reflections
Half frozen reflections
Reed silhouettes at Neuweiher
Neuweiher after sunset
After sunset in Igelsdorf