Photos by Lens

Term "14-24mm F2.8 DG DN | Art 019"

Crocuses at Zugspitze
Zugspitze and dandelion
St. Leonhard im Passeier
Creek near Plätzwiese
Gabi's nose
Hike to Seeber Alm No. 9
Hike to Seeber Alm No. 8
Hike to Seeber Alm No. 7
Hike to Seeber Alm No. 6
Hike to Seeber Alm No. 5
Hike to Seeber Alm No. 4
Hike to Seeber Alm No. 3
Hike to Seeber Alm No. 2
Creek at Hirzer
On the way to Lazinser Alm
Creek at Faltmar Alm
Trail to Ulfas Alm
Ulfas Alm
Lazinser Alm
Vicolo di castelvecchio in Siena
Palazzo Pubblico in Siena
Good morning river Teplá
Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary
Cumulus clouds over neighbour island Föhr
Kniepsand Dunes
Jetty at Steenodde
Sunset in the Dunes
Bike in Amrum's dunes
Strandhäuschen Süddorf
After sunset in Nebel
Milky Way over Amrum lighthouse
Milky Way over the Dunes of Amrum
Milky Way over thatched house
Seabed at low tide after sunset
Evening twilight reflections at low tide
Toblacher See
Conifer at the three peaks
Schwabenalpenkopf, Paternkofel and Three Peaks
Three Peaks of Lavaredo
Three Peaks of Lavaredo
Tree trunk in Pragser Wildsee
Pragser Wildsee
Pragser Wildsee boat house
Pragser Wildsee reflections No. 2
Pragser Wildsee reflections
Good Morning Pragser Wildsee
Langkofel and Plattkofel reflections
Flower meadow at Seceda-Alm
Langkofel evening
Steinerne Stadt
Chapel in Langental valley
Langental Monolith
Path through Langental valley
Alpini chapel at Grödner Joch
Driving down to Val Gardena
Grödner Joch after sunset
Grödner Joch
The border of Austria and Italy
Stone stack at Timmelsjoch
Timmelsbach No. 4
Timmelsbach No. 3
Timmelsbach No. 2
Timmelsbach No. 1
Alpine Forget-me-not at Timmelsbach
Lennon Wall in Prague
Church of Mother of God before Týn
Klausstein seen from Ludwigshöhle
Self-portrait at Ludwigshöhle
Burg Rabenstein No. 2
Burg Rabenstein No. 1
Tree at river Wiesent
Broken Birch
Pond at Exerzierplatz
Stormy "Ylenia"
Winter sunrise at Exerzierplatz
Winter tree reflections
Sunrise Reflections
Little pond at "Exerzierplatz"
Beech Forest Panorama
Autumnal forest near Adlitz
Sunny autumn afternoon
Football corner
Football net
Football goal in the fog
Halfpipe in the fog
Dew covered grasses on a misty morning
Under a fruit tree
Fruit tree on a foggy morning
Fichtelsee 3
Fichtelsee 2
Fichtelsee 1
Good morning Neunhof
Autumn mist lying over the meadow
Night Drive 2
Night drive
Leaves and Stripes
Maple leaves in the evening sun
Before sunset at river Regnitz
Maple tree on the bank of the river Regnitz
Colourful beech leaves
Yellow giant
Nebel Windmill after sunset
In the Kniepsand dunes
Amrum Dune Panorama
Leitfeuer Nebel
Heather Morning Mood
A Sea of Seashells
Sunset in the dunes of Amrum
Amrum Lighthouse Reflections
Kleiner Onkel
Hetzles Clouds Timelapse
Uttenreuth Clouds Timelapse
Sunset at Kemmathen
River mouth Schwabach and Regnitz
Where the Schwabach meets the Regnitz
Hetzles Sunrise
Sunrise over Neunkirchen
Before Sunrise in Ebersbach
Purple river
Regnitz afterglow
Maple tree on the river Regnitz after sunset
Mighty oak roots
Maple tree on the river Regnitz after sunset
Oak at river Regnitz
Cloudy evening at river Regnitz
Barn in Bubenreuth
Sun rays through twin birch tree
Cold morning in Bubenreuth
Fishing boy with pike
Stadtmuseum Erlangen
Foggy Schlossgarten in Erlangen
Fields in Uttenreuth under Sahara dust sky
Fruit tree and Sahara dust sky
Empty carp pond after sunset
After sunset in Bräuningshof
Bräuningshof autumn sunset
Winter clouds after sunset
Spardorf winter sunset
End of winter thaw
Single tree just before winter sunset
Winter sunset in Baiersdorf
Frozen flooded meadow ground
Bergwacht hut and windmill
Bridge over Main Donau Kanal
Under the bridge
Snow covered pine tree trunk
Snow covered birch trunk
Snow covered bulrush
wintry view from hetzleser berg
Hetzles after Sunset
Winter afternoon at Hetzleser Berg
Lone toadstool
Walking the dog on sunny autumn morning
Spinning threads  on an autumn meadow
Misty autumn meadow
Misty morning at the Schwabach
water sprinkled leaf
Marktplatz Erlangen after sunset
Schlossgarten Erlangen after Sunset
Orangerie in Erlangen
Schloss Erlangen at Sunset
Hugenottenbrunnen and Schloss
Hugenottenbrunnen and autumn leaves
A gnarled pine tree at sunset
Apple Harvest bonfire