Photos by Categories


Year's last sunflower
Langkofel and Plattkofel
Flower meadow at Seceda-Alm
Sea of dandelions
Fly on a rape blossom
Gefüllter Hahnenfuß
Brown carpet beetle sit-in
Brown carpet beetle
Vegan Mosquito
Fly on dandelion
Bug on a dandelion
Pollen covered bee on dandelion
Bee on dandelion
Bee butt covered with pollen
Bug on a dandelion
Dandelion Fireworks
Brown bug on a dandelion
Flowering dandelion
Crocus season's end
Yellow crocuses
Forsythia blossom covered with snow
Daffodils at night
Bee exiting crocus
Yellow crocus
Bee in a crocus
Another Hover Fly
Green bug
Shiny bug
Yellow spider
Fly on yellow flower
Crying fly
Fly on yellow flower
Bug on yellow flower
Another common red soldier beetle
Gemeine Wiesenwanze
Tabakfarbiger Schmalbock
Climbing from flower to flower
Fly on yellow flower
Bug on yellow flower
White spotted rose beetle
Wild tulip
Wild tulip covered with water drops
Daffodil with water drops
Daffodil covered with water drops
Happy Easter!
Waterdrop on a daffodil
Frozen crocus
Crocusses covered with water drops
Water drops on a Crocus
Black and yellow Crocus
Dew covered crocus
Crocus covered with ice crystals