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Have a save trip to the moon, Artemis 1
Tuscany skyline
Antenna RAI Monteluco
Azienda Agricola La Lama
Tuscan olive gardens
Cat in Siena
Vicolo di castelvecchio in Siena
Duomo de Siena
Palazzo Pubblico in Siena
Scarce swallowtail on lavender
Monte Amiata
Full moon over Amrum
Wind mills on Föhr
Boat near the Halligen
Fish trawler near island Föhr
Cumulus clouds over neighbour island Föhr
Kniepsand Dunes
Mushrooms in the dunes
Rain shower over the North Sea
Lighthouse at sunset
Footprints in the sand
Amrum's heather
Lighthouse at sunrise
Lighthouse in morning sun
Good Morning Lighthouse
Red clouds over lighthouse
Half way gone
Amrum Sunset
Sea Shell Sunset
Sea Crab
Beach Chairs
Wash board beach
Low Tide after sunset
Flight Over Amrum
Sunset Walk
Seconds after sunset
After sunset slide
Low tide evening walk
Jetty at Steenodde
Beach Chairs at Sunset
Sunset in the Dunes
Horses at dinner
Wind mill silhouette
Bike in Amrum's dunes
Strandhäuschen Süddorf
After sunset in Nebel
Amrum Windmill at Night
Milky Way and Windmill
Milky Way over Amrum Windmill
Milky Way over Amrum lighthouse
Milky Way over the Dunes of Amrum
Milky Way over thatched house
Amrum lighthouse and campground
Abstract evening mood at the sea
Seabed at low tide after sunset
Evening twilight reflections at low tide
Evening walk in the calm North Sea
Seconds to sunset
Sun slice
Girls admiring the evening sun
Sunrise in the dunes
Viewing dune at sunrise
Lighthouse at sunrise
Evening arrival on Amrum island
Clouds of Amrum
Lennon Wall in Prague
House Entrance in Prague
Church of Mother of God before Týn
Charles Bridge before the storm
Prague - city of a 100 Spires
Neuweiher Langensendelbach
St. Nicholas Church and Charles Bridge
Old Town Bridge Tower in Prague
Barn at Marloffstein
Schlossgartenfest 2022
Before sunset over Marloffstein
Clouds seen from Walberla
The last hoverfly of this series
Another Hover Fly
Green bug
Shiny bug
Yellow spider
Water drops on petals
Just orange
Bee on Echinacea
Caterpillar on Echinacea
Yet yet another fly
Bee on Echinacea
Flower after the rain
Floral Fireworks
Vernal Shieldbug
Fly on yellow flower
Crying fly
Fly on yellow flower
Bug on yellow flower
Hover fly on cornflower
Another common red soldier beetle
Common red soldier beetle
Gemeine Wiesenwanze
Tabakfarbiger Schmalbock
Climbing from flower to flower
Fly on yellow flower
Bug on yellow flower
White spotted rose beetle
Bush Cricket
Yet another ant
Hidden observer
Gemeine Wiesenwanze
Water marbles
Great green bush-cricket
Yet another red eyed fly
Yet another brown bug
Marbled white
Water drop spheres
Brown bug on leaf
Another Fly
Red eyed drinking with straw
Green shield bug
Another bug on the same blossom
Brown Bug on white blossom
Bug on Bell Flower
Western conifer seed bug
Speckled Bush-cricket
In the inner circle
Water drops on pink poppy
Bee covered with pollen
Grüne Distelwanze
Ladybug and lice
Ants and lice
Tabakfarbiger Schmalbock
Speckled Bush-cricket
Mittlerer Schwanenweiher
Knautia macedonica
Bellflower sunset
Love makes colorblind
Amara bifrons
Underside of a blue mint beetle
Blue mint beetle
Two-way traffic
At the end of the line
Bee on Lavender
Bee on Lavender
Bee on a Storchenschnabel
Seidiger Glanzrüssler (Polydrusus formosus)
Along River Regnitz
Becoming  a Climate Reality Leader –a journey to Berlin