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Term "snow"

Crocuses at Zugspitze
Winter tree
Snow over Marloffstein
Meilwald in winter
One more bend to Rathsberg
Snowy Hetzles
Winter Hetzles before sunset
Sledding at Hetzles
Forsythia blossom covered with snow
Cherry blossom
Daffodil crushed by masses of snow
Gulden Bretzel in April
Cherry blossom in a coat of snow
Snowy cherry bud
Snow covered cherry blossom
Nightwalk through Skulpturengarten
Low pressure area "Jana" brings new snow
In the meadows after sunset
Silhouettes of trees against a sky in flames
Icy tractor tracks
To Uttenreuth after sunset
Nuremberg radio tower in the distance
Winter evening sky
Wintery orchard meadow
Trellis fruit corridor
Snow covered fruit tree
Icy path
Winter evening in Spardorf
Winter sunset panorama
Winter clouds after sunset
Spardorf winter sunset
End of winter thaw
Orange light winking through the trees
Half past five in Uttenreuth
Evening sunset behind the forest
Single tree just before winter sunset
End of winter evening
Winter sunset in Baiersdorf
Signs of life
Frozen flooded meadow ground
Low-pressure area "Tristan" approaching
Fresh snow in Bubenreuth
Snow covered pine branch with mistletoe
Pine tree trunks
Walk across fields powdered with snow
Bergwacht hut and windmill
Walberla winter view
Blades of grass covered with a thick layer of ice
Caught in a drop of water
Snow covered pine tree trunk
Snow covered birch trunk
Snow covered bulrush
Carp pond in winter
fruit tree with view of wintry neunkirchen
wintry view from hetzleser berg
Hetzles after Sunset
Long hairy branches in evening light
Hetzleser Berg at sunset
medallion from ice
Ice structure in evening light
an icy sparkling gemstone
a dangling leg of snow
Blades of grass in a thick ice coat
Hairy winter flower
Branching under a hood of snow
Winter clouds over Hetzleser Berg
Winter afternoon at Hetzleser Berg
Snow lanterns
Snow topping
Frozen green eye
Two blond tree elves with snow in the hair
Freezing water drop
Perforated leaf covered with snow
Frozen microphones
Red Dogwood reflections
Snow covered leaf
Frozen Tear
A blonde tree elf in a dress of snow