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Term "Silhouette"

Plowed field
Fruit tree silhouette
Reed silhouettes at Neuweiher
Neuweiher after sunset
After sunset in Igelsdorf
Creek in Igelsdorf
Frozen reflections
Winter sunset
Tuscany skyline
After sunset slide
Low tide evening walk
Horses at dinner
Wind mill silhouette
Winter tree reflections
Sunrise Reflections
Little pond at "Exerzierplatz"
Frozen lake before sunset 2
Frozen lake before sunset 1
Winter sunset
Winter tree silhouette
Staring at the winter sun
Teasel silhouettes
Ensemble of trees before sunset
After sunset at river Regnitz
Winter evening silhouette at river Regnitz
Baiersdorfermühle silhouette
Tree silhouette against winter sky
Reflections in partly frozen lake
Silhouettes of trees against a sky in flames
Fruit tree silhouette
Sunrise over Neunkirchen
Before Sunrise in Ebersbach
Steckerleswald glowing
After sunset in Bräuningshof
Langer Johann afterglow
Orange light winking through the trees
Half past five in Uttenreuth
Evening sunset behind the forest
Wintery after glow
Low-pressure area "Tristan" approaching
fruit tree with view of wintry neunkirchen
wintry view from hetzleser berg
Hetzles after Sunset
Carp Pond Sunset