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night shot

Nightwalk through Skulpturengarten
Low pressure area "Jana" brings new snow
Daffodils at night
Foggy commute
Snow covered booth at the market place
Kunst Palais by night 2
Kunst Palais by night 1
Paulibrunnen by night 2
Paulibrunnen by night 1
Night Drive 2
Night drive
Café Mengin
Kunstpalais Illumination
Paulibrunnen "ERleuchtet"
Leaves and Stripes
'Erlangen ER-leuchtet' an illumination project
Wastewater treatment plant at night
Speed limit 80 km/h
Reflections of "Langer Johann"
Reflections of "Langer Johann"
Bridge over river Regnitz
Hugenottenkirche and ESTW
Trinity Church seen from Burgberggarten
Fishing boy with pike
Low-pressure area "Tristan" approaching
Bridge over Main Donau Kanal
Under the bridge
fruit tree with view of wintry neunkirchen
wintry view from hetzleser berg
Christmas lights on Main Street
Christmas Lights
Main Street at Christmas
Happy Christmas!
Apple Harvest bonfire
End-of-summer garden party