Photos by Categories


Fungi and spores
Mushroom gills
Mushroom on tree stump
Scarce swallowtail on lavender
Gefüllter Hahnenfuß
Brown carpet beetle sit-in
Brown carpet beetle
Vegan Mosquito
Fly on dandelion
Bug on a dandelion
Pollen covered bee on dandelion
Bee on dandelion
Bee butt covered with pollen
Bug on a dandelion
Dandelion Fireworks
Brown bug on a dandelion
Flowering dandelion
Nut weevil
Pollen covered mosquito
Bee exiting crocus
Yellow crocus
Bee in a crocus
Crocus chrysanthus
Field of crocuses
White and white-purple crocus
Crocus vernus Pickwick
In the spotlight
Zweiblättriger Blaustern 2
Zweiblättriger Blaustern 1
2022's first bee encounter
Purple Crocus
Signs of life
Number #1 of 2022
Mushroom 3
Mushroom Couple
Mushroom 2
Mushroom 1
The last hoverfly of this series
Another Hover Fly
Green bug
Shiny bug
Yellow spider
Water drops on petals
Just orange
Bee on Echinacea
Caterpillar on Echinacea
Yet yet another fly
Bee on Echinacea
Flower after the rain
Floral Fireworks
Vernal Shieldbug
Fly on yellow flower
Crying fly
Fly on yellow flower
Bug on yellow flower
Hover fly on cornflower
Another common red soldier beetle
Common red soldier beetle
Gemeine Wiesenwanze
Tabakfarbiger Schmalbock
Climbing from flower to flower
Fly on yellow flower
Bug on yellow flower
White spotted rose beetle
Bush Cricket
Yet another ant
Hidden observer
Gemeine Wiesenwanze
Water marbles
Great green bush-cricket
Yet another red eyed fly
Yet another brown bug
Marbled white
Water drop spheres
Brown bug on leaf
Another Fly
Red eyed drinking with straw
Green shield bug
Another bug on the same blossom
Brown Bug on white blossom
Bug on Bell Flower
Western conifer seed bug
Speckled Bush-cricket
In the inner circle
Water drops on pink poppy
Bee covered with pollen
Grüne Distelwanze
Ladybug and lice
Ants and lice
Tabakfarbiger Schmalbock
Speckled Bush-cricket
Knautia macedonica
Bellflower sunset
Love makes colorblind
Amara bifrons
Underside of a blue mint beetle
Blue mint beetle
Two-way traffic
At the end of the line
Bee on Lavender
Bee on Lavender
Bee on a Storchenschnabel
Seidiger Glanzrüssler (Polydrusus formosus)
SIF 210
Yaku-Rhododendron 'Porzellan'
Geranium sylvaticum
Dandelion seed and louse
Roman snail
Jemandem auf der Nase herumtanzen
 Heartleaf foamflower
Orange Queen
Snowdrop anemone
Fly watching you
Fly on a rhododendron flower
Green rose chafer
Blue Mint Beetle
 Balkan anemone - Anemone blanda
Pasqueflower - Pulsatilla patens
Chess Flower
Fritillaria persica alba bulbs
Anemonella thalictroides
Apple blossom
Signs of life
Blades of grass covered with a thick layer of ice
Caught in a drop of water
Frozen waterdrops
Snow lanterns
Snow topping
Frozen green eye
Two blond tree elves with snow in the hair
Freezing water drop
Perforated leaf covered with snow
Frozen microphones
Red Dogwood reflections
Snow covered leaf
Frozen Tear
A blonde tree elf in a dress of snow