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Term "Green"

Gemeine Wiesenwanze
Little house fly
Green shield bug
Wood Anemones at Walchensee
Lonesome tree
Tree on a field
Fruit trees in winter
Meilwald from above
Good morning Atzelsberg
Dew covered blowball
Tree ensemble in Uttenreuth
Clouds in the trees of Mittelehrenbach
Fruit trees at Mittelehrenbach
Mittelehrenbach after the rain shower
Where the Regnitz flows around the bend
The brown cow of the family
Gigantic broccoli
Curved lines along the river Regnitz
Parallel shift
Over the fields
Gemeine Wiesenwanze
Water marbles
Great green bush-cricket
Yet another red eyed fly
Yet another brown bug
Marbled white
Water drop spheres
Brown bug on leaf
Green shield bug
Ladybug and lice
Ants and lice
Tabakfarbiger Schmalbock
Love makes colorblind
Amara bifrons
Underside of a blue mint beetle
Blue mint beetle
Two-way traffic
At the end of the line
Seidiger Glanzrüssler (Polydrusus formosus)
Dandelion seed and louse