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Staircase in Berlin Aquarium
Green lizard
Green tree python
Emerald tree monitor
Cannonball jellyfish
Moray eel
True jellyfish
A red fish
Grey Heron
Common waxbill
Asian Glossy Starling
Seal siesta
The king
Crossing Spree
MS Hoppetosse and Oberbaumbrücke
Green light at Brandenbuger Tor
TV tower in the afternoon
TV tower from Museumsinsel
TV tower at dusk
Oberbaum City
Monolith in the backyard
Spree river bank skyline
Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin
Back to Kreuzberg
Spree panorama
Spree lights
Subway train crossing Oberbaumbrücke
Subway train crossing Oberbaumbrücke
Badeschiff Sunset
Spree Sunset
Molecule Man
Molecule Man reflections and Oberbaumbrücke
Boat on river Spree
Evening walk on the Spree
Spree Bank Reflections
Urban Farming in Rudolfstraße
Warschauer Straße
Berlin Castle and Spree
Chestnut trees in front of Berlin Cathedral
Blooming Trees
Shopping Window Reflections
Water pump in Charlottenburg
TV Tower
Alexanderplatz Shopping
Station Alexanderplatz
Neptunbrunnen and TV Tower
Neptunbrunnen and City Hall
Red City Hall
Cube Berlin
Berlin Street Lighting
Der Rufer
Friede Friede Friede
Roger Water live in Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin on May 17th, 2023
Ich gehe durch die Welt und rufe Friede Friede Friede
Blue & Yellow
"Der Rufer" at daylight
Visions in Motion in Berlin
Messages of peace to the world
Brandenburger Tor
Visions in Motion in Berlin
Brandenburger Tor
"Der Rufer" at night
Visions in Motion
Stop the war
Ich gehe durch die Welt und rufe Friede Friede Friede
Becoming  a Climate Reality Leader –a journey to Berlin
Roger Waters in Berlin