Photos by Camera

Sony α7R II

Fall in Karlovy Vary
Fog in the Bohemian Forest
Jetty at Steenodde
Bike in Amrum's dunes
After sunset in Nebel
"Der Rufer" at daylight
Messages of peace to the world
Nebel Windmill after sunset
In the Kniepsand dunes
Amrum Dune Panorama
Heather Morning Mood
A Sea of Seashells
Sunset in the dunes of Amrum
Marktplatz Erlangen after sunset
Schlossgarten Erlangen after Sunset
Orangerie in Erlangen
Schloss Erlangen at Sunset
Hugenottenbrunnen and Schloss
Hugenottenbrunnen and autumn leaves
Family of mushrooms on a bed of moss
A gnarled pine tree at sunset
Beekeeping at sunset
Carp Pond Sunset
Apple Harvest bonfire