Photos by Camera

Term "Sony Α7 III"

Ich gehe durch die Welt und rufe Friede Friede Friede
Good morning river Teplá
Fog over Karlovy Vary No. 3
Fog over Karlovy Vary No. 1
Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary
Cumulus clouds over neighbour island Föhr
Sunset in the Dunes
Horses at dinner
Wind mill silhouette
Strandhäuschen Süddorf
Evening walk in the calm North Sea
Girls admiring the evening sun
Sunrise in the dunes
Viewing dune at sunrise
Blue & Yellow
Brandenburger Tor
Visions in Motion in Berlin
Brandenburger Tor
"Der Rufer" at night
Visions in Motion
Stop the war
Ich gehe durch die Welt und rufe Friede Friede Friede
Silhouettes of trees against a sky in flames
Beech Forest Panorama
Autumnal forest near Adlitz
Sunny autumn afternoon
Football corner
Football net
Football goal in the fog
Halfpipe in the fog
Dew covered grasses on a misty morning
Under a fruit tree
Fruit tree on a foggy morning
Fichtelsee 3
Fichtelsee 2
Fichtelsee 1
Good morning Neunhof
Autumn mist lying over the meadow
Night Drive 2
Night drive
Café Mengin
Kunstpalais Illumination
Leaves and Stripes
Maple leaves in the evening sun
Before sunset at river Regnitz
Maple tree on the bank of the river Regnitz
Colourful beech leaves
Yellow giant
Sunset in the beech forest
Sunset over Marloffstein
Fruit tree sunset
Shelf Cloud
Leitfeuer Nebel
Outlook from the Lookout Dune
Amrum Lighthouse in Evening Sun
Amrum Lighthouse After Sunset
Dune Panorama After Sunset
Amrum Lighthouse Reflections
Regnitz Water Wheel
Kleiner Onkel
Hetzles Clouds Timelapse
Uttenreuth Clouds Timelapse
Sunset at Kemmathen
Wood anemone
Bath duck
Mighty oak roots
Maple tree on the river Regnitz after sunset
Barn in Bubenreuth
Sun rays through twin birch tree
Cold morning in Bubenreuth
Hugenottenkirche and ESTW
Trinity Church seen from Burgberggarten
Stadtmuseum Erlangen
Foggy Schlossgarten in Erlangen
Fields in Uttenreuth under Sahara dust sky
Fruit tree and Sahara dust sky
Empty carp pond after sunset
After sunset in Bräuningshof
Bräuningshof autumn sunset
Winter clouds after sunset
Spardorf winter sunset
End of winter thaw
Single tree just before winter sunset
Winter sunset in Baiersdorf
Frozen flooded meadow ground
Bergwacht hut and windmill
Bridge over Main Donau Kanal
Under the bridge
Snow covered pine tree trunk
Snow covered birch trunk
Snow covered bulrush
wintry view from hetzleser berg
Hetzles after Sunset
Winter afternoon at Hetzleser Berg
Christmas lights on Main Street
Frauenkirche in Advent
Schöner Brunnen at Christkindlesmarkt 2019
Clouds over Uttenreuth
End-of-summer garden party