Photos by Camera

Term "DJI Mini 3 Pro"

Tree on a field
Fruit trees in winter
Over the fields of Marloffstein
After sunset reflections
Kleiner Bischofsweiher sunset
Kleiner Bischofsweiher from above
Creek in Uttenreuth
Between Adlitz and Atzelsberg
Above Schwanenweiher
Frozen reflections
Neuweiher and Igelsdorf
Peninsula in Neuweiher
Regnitz in Baiersdorf
After sunset over the frozen lake
Frozen Baiersdorfer Baggersee
Erlangen winter morning
Regnitz and Langer Johann
Regnitz and A73
Langer Johann winter morning
Winter tree
Snow over Marloffstein
Meilwald in winter
One more bend to Rathsberg
Lazinser Alm from above
Austria - from Timmelsjoch
Up the Timmelsjoch
Liebenerspitze from the air
Plätzwiese Panorama
Faltmar Alm
Plätzwiese and Monte Cristallo
Snowy Hetzles
Winter Hetzles before sunset
Sledding at Hetzles
St. Matthäus church
Regnitz at Baiersdorf
Fog over river Regnitz
Island in river Regnitz
Regnitz and quarry pond at Baiersdorf
Leaving Baiersdorf
Meilwald from above
Kalchreuth from above
Fog over Burgberg
Langer Johann in the fog
Driving through Meilwald
Burgberg and Erlangen from above
Regnitz, A73 and Burgberg in autumn
Hundshaupten in Autumn
Street to Hetzelsdorf
Meilwald from above
Tree nursery from above
Good morning Atzelsberg
From Rathsberg to Atzelsberg
Regnitz water wheel from above
Langer Johann in fog
Frankenschnellweg at Erlangen Nord
Digestion tower
Water wheel after sunset
Antenna RAI Monteluco
Tuscan olive gardens
Lighthouse at sunrise
Lighthouse in morning sun
Good Morning Lighthouse
Aerial view of Pragser Wildsee
Grödner Joch Panorama
Hovering over Grödner Joch
Neuweiher Langensendelbach
Schlossgartenfest 2022
Before sunset over Marloffstein
Tree ensemble in Uttenreuth
Baiersdorfer Mühle from above
Clouds in the trees of Mittelehrenbach
Fruit trees at Mittelehrenbach
Mittelehrenbach after the rain shower
Where the Regnitz flows around the bend
The brown cow of the family
Gigantic broccoli
Curved lines along the river Regnitz
Parallel shift
Over the fields
Regnitz waterwheel in Bruck
Bergkirchweih 2022