Shot in the Alps

Impressions of different countries in the Alps: Italy, Austria, Germany and probably more to come …

Monday, January 30, 2023


Dolomites skyline
Bleeding heart of the Dolomites
Barn on Plätzwiese
Plätzwiese Panorama
Creek at Faltmar Alm
Faltmar Alm
Trail to Ulfas Alm
Ulfas Alm
Creek at Ulfas Alm
Plätzwiese and Monte Cristallo
Bleeding heart of the dolomites
Meadow at Plätzwiese
Dolomites Panorama
Lazinser Alm
Dried-up riverbed of the Rienz and Monte Cristallo
Toblacher See
Conifer at the three peaks
Schwabenalpenkopf, Paternkofel and Three Peaks
Three Peaks of Lavaredo
Schwabenalpenkopf and Dreizinnenhütte
Three Peaks of Lavaredo
Pond at Three Peaks of Lavaredo
Vista Panoramica Tre Cime Lavaredo
Tree trunk in Pragser Wildsee
Pragser Wildsee
Pragser Wildsee boat house
Pragser Wildsee reflections No. 2
Trail around Pragser Wildsee
Pragser Wildsee reflections
Good Morning Pragser Wildsee
Aerial view of Pragser Wildsee
Langkofel and Plattkofel reflections
Langkofel and Plattkofel
Seiser Alm panorama
Horses at Seiser Alm
Seiser Alm panorama
Seiser Alm flower meadow
Langkofel and Plattkofel
Langkofel and Plattkofel seem from Seceda-Alm
Flower meadow at Seceda-Alm
Langkofel evening
Steinerne Stadt
Langkofel in clouds
Chapel in Langental valley
Langental Monolith
Path through Langental valley
Alpini chapel at Grödner Joch
Driving down to Val Gardena
Grödner Joch after sunset
Grödner Joch Panorama
Hovering over Grödner Joch
Langkofel on fire
Langkofel sunset
Grödner Joch
Sellaronda glowing
Sellaronda in evening light
The border of Austria and Italy
Stone stack at Timmelsjoch
Timmelsbach No. 4
Timmelsbach No. 3
Timmelsbach No. 2
Timmelsbach No. 1
Alpine Forget-me-not at Timmelsbach
Timmelsbach and Ötztal street
Timmelsbach and Äußere Schwarze Schneid
Road down into the Ötz valley